June Rewind: Wellness Clinic Opens, Park Funded

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Good morning. It's Saturday, July 1.

Here are all of our stories from June and more.

editor Anne Marie Kristoff

New Ingleside Clinic Offers Therapy Regardless of Income


The upstart wellness clinic focuses on healing and psychotherapy to everyone from all financial backgrounds. READ MORE

City Audit Reveals 19 Problems at Ocean Avenue Nonprofit


Supervisor Myrna Melgar requested the review last year. READ MORE


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New Play Area, Ocean Avenue Cleaning Funded By City Grants

Friends of OMI Mini Parks, Friends of Lakeside Village and the OMI Community Collaborative were awarded nearly $300,000. READ MORE

El Rey Theatre Project Architect Presents Plan To Neighbors

The three-pronged project includes restoring the theater, adding a dive school and building 42 units of new housing. READ MORE


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